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Nov. 2018 - Featured in Hingham Maganize

The Hub Today
The Hub Today's Anna Rossi heads to Alma Nove to cook with Chef Paul Wahlberg at his family restaurant. 

Flavorful World
Tailgating season is upon us, and that means good handheld eats aplenty. Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg of famed New England Italian-Mediterranean restaurant Alma Nove has kicked things off early by sharing his recipe for these crisp, flavorful duck wings that bring a little welcome hotness to the table along with the sweet tang of soy sauce. Let your tailgating party begin and end with these, and the winner will be you, no matter what team you’re rooting for.

Wicked Local 2017
His stories of growing up are punctuated with memories of family dinners of chili made by Dad, Mom’s special birthday cake, slices of ice cream, and homemade baked beans. In retrospect, every meal was an expression of love.

Best of Boston 2013: Best Bar, South
Technically speaking, Alma Nove is a restaurant. But why quibble? There are only so many places where you can sit outside next to a giant fire pit, sip a well-crafted cocktail, and look out over the bay—and this Wahlberg-family-owned spot is one of them. If you just can’t miss the Sox game, head inside. The bar is long and armed with two 50-inch TVs.

Best of Boston 2011: New Restaurant, South
It took a bit longer for chef Paul Wahlberg to open Alma Nove than expected. But when it finally debuted last summer, the Mediterranean restaurant proved it was worth the wait. It’s just what the area needed—a waterfront eatery where locals can share antipasti and sip Negronis, or settle in for a dinner of seared duck breast with Gorgonzola risotto.

Food & Wine — F&W Mouthing Off: The Wahlberg's Macaroni Salad
...But thanks to his brother, chef Paul Wahlberg, we've got the recipe for the Wahlberg family macaroni salad. Mark says that no one makes the dish as well as their mother, Alma. But you can give it your best shot. Or go to Paul's cool new Mediterranean-Italian restaurant, Alma Nove in Hingham, Massachusetts, where the macaroni salad is on his menu at his brother's request.” 
— Kate Krader, Restaurant Editor

The Boston Globe 
"Eating the tagliatelle is the gastronomic equivalent of putting the down comforter back on the bed for the season. It’s a little sad to leave summer behind, until you dive in. This is warm food but not heavy, the pasta interspersed with tender bites of braised and shredded short rib, sun-dried tomatoes, and meaty little artichokes." — Devra First, Restaurant Critic

The Boston Globe South – Wahlberg’s Alma Nove shines like a star on the Hingham waterfront "We ate late the July evening, on couches outside next to the fire. Something about the place -- the soft cushions, the food, the firelight, the service, made it one of those evenings we might remember forever.” — Joan Wilder, Food Writer

People Magazine – Wahlberg Brothers – Mom’s Macaroni Salad

Patriot Ledger – Chef Paul Wahlberg opens Italian restaurant Alma Nove at Hingham Shipyard complex – Alma Nove from the Wahlberg Brothers, Opening Today

UrbanDaddy – Waterfront Dining, Courtesy of a Wahlberg